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57 Louis Pasteur St
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 6N5

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(613) 562-5124

January Term Professors

Name Position Email
José Julián Alvarez-González January Professor
Will Amos Part-time Professor, Director – Ecojustice Clinic
Shelley Appleby-Ostroff Part-time Professor
Amir Attaran Full Professor, Canada Chair: Pop Health
Constance Backhouse Full Professor
Stephen G. Blair Sessional Professor
Klaus Bosselmann January Term Professor
Suzanne Bouclin Assistant Professor
Vincent Clifford January Term Professor
Terry Collins-Williams Part-time Professor
Hervé Depow Sessional Professor
Michael Edelson January Term Professor
David Fewer Executive Director Samuel-Glushko - CIPPIC
Craig Forcese Vice-Dean English Program; Associate Professor
Solomon Friedman January Term Professor
Michael Geist Full professor, Chair of Internet & E-com. Law
Benoit Girardin Part-time Professor
Joseph W.L. Griffiths Part-time Professor
Daniel Joyner January Term Professor
Ian Kerr Full Professor; Canada Chair Ethics, Law & Tech.
Mitch Kowalski January Term Professor
Karolina Kremens January Term Professor
Tracey Lindberg Adjunct Professor
Allen M. Linden Part-time Professor
Cécile Lisanti January Term Professor
Andrew Lister Part-time Professor
Ian S. MacGregor, Q.C. Part-time Professor
Monsieur le juge René Marin January Term Professor
Terry McEwan Part-time Professor
Donald M. McRae Full Professor, Hyman Soloway Chair
Virginia McRae Part-time Professor
Hiram Meléndez January Term Professor
Saeid Mirzaei Yengejeh Part-time Professor
Victor Nabhan January Term Professor
Llana Nakonechny January Term Professor
Darren O'Toole Assistant Professor
Kim Pate Part-time Professor
Laird J. Rasmussen January Term Professor
Phil Rourke Part-time Professor
Paul Salembier Part-time Professor
Aaron Shull Part-time Professor
Jeffrey Simpson January Professor
Gabrielle St-Hilaire Associate Professor
Donald Stephenson Part-time Professor
Michael Timmins January Term Professor
Eve Truilhé-Marengo January Term Professor
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