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First Year Applicants

Students Our program runs from September to April on a full-time basis, for a duration of three years. We do not admit students in January.

Application Deadline: The deadline to apply for the program that starts in the Fall of 2014 is November 1, 2013. Late applications will not be accepted. All documents must be sent to OLSAS directly.

General Applicants

The General Category is to be used by all applicants into the first year of the JD program (or one of the joint programs) unless they feel they qualify to apply in one of the discretionary categories listed on this website. Read more...

General Category - Special Circumstances

If you feel that significant one-time events, which occurred during your undergraduate studies, affected your academic performance during a specific academic term or year, you can inform the Admissions Committee. Read more...

Aboriginal Applicants

Persons of indigenous ancestry, First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples may apply as either general or discretionary applicants. Read more...

Mature Applicants

In order to qualify as a mature student, at the time of application, a person:

  • must not have been in a post-secondary education program for a minimum of five years; or
  • must have at least five years of work experience, and, during this time, have participated in part-time studies at a post secondary institution

Access Applicants

The University of Ottawa has created an Access admission category to facilitate the entry into law school of students who have experienced barriers of a systemic, ongoing nature, or who are from groups which have experienced identifiable social or economic barriers to education. Read more...

File Assessment Process

First-year applications are assessed on an on-going basis as soon as they are received from OLSAS. Decisions of the Admissions Committee cannot be appealed. All decisions are therefore final. Read more...
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