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Upper Year Applicants

The Faculty of Law, Common Law Section accepts applications in the upper years on the following bases:

Transfer Applicants

Transfer applications into the 2nd year of the JD program will be accepted only from students who have successfully completed the first year of the JD program in a Canadian Common Law School. Students who have undertaken or completed their legal studies outside Canada cannot apply in this category. Read more...

Letter of Permission Applicants

Students who wish to complete one semester or one full year of their law studies at the University of Ottawa as visiting students, with the permission of their law school, can apply in this category. Read more...

Lawyers Trained Outside Canada and National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) Applicants

Persons with a completed law degree from Quebec or from a foreign jurisdiction who wish to be admitted to the practice of law in a Canadian common law jurisdiction can apply to the National Committee on Accreditation for an assessment of the equivalency of their legal studies (established by the Council of Canadian Law Deans and the Federation of Law Societies of Canada). For further information on the accreditation process please contact the NCA directly.  More information can be found on the NCA web site at, under the Foreign Lawyers heading. Read more...

Continuing Education and Special Students

Courses offered by the Common Law Section of the Faculty of Law are generally reserved for students registered in one of the school's programs.

The Faculty does, however, allow lawyers who are members of the bar of a Canadian province or territory, to apply to take 2nd or 3rd-year courses in order to expand their knowledge in specific areas of the law. In order to find out more about our course offerings, the Course Selection Guide is available on-line under Academic Affairs. Please make sure to look at the course offerings in both English and French. Read more...

National Program Applicants

The Common Law Section’s National Program at uOttawa is designed to immerse graduates of Canadian civil law schools in the common law tradition. This 8-month program leads to an “J.D. – National Program” degree.

Because of its unique heritage, Canada is constitutionally bijural and bilingual. The aim of the National Program has always been to produce “National Lawyers”, lawyers who understand and appreciate the full richness of Canada’s diverse legal traditions. Read more...
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