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Professor Amir Attaran Criticizes Afghan Detainee Inquiry

In an article by Bill Curry in the May 26, 2009 edition of The Globe and Mail, Professor Amir Attaran offers his take on the Military Police Complaints Commission’s inquiry into the treatment of Afghan detainees, suggesting the investigation process is unacceptable.

aataran.jpgProf. Attaran initially called for an investigation by the commission more than two years ago; Monday, May 25 marked the inquiry’s opening session.  Prof. Attaran criticized the commission counsel’s “soft-pitch questions,” as well as its insufficient plan to deal with contentious issues surrounding Afghan prisoners who claim they were tortured after being handed over to Afghan government authorities by Canadian soldiers.

“If the Military Police Complaints Commission proves, in this week particularly but also in coming months, that the best it can muster is a non-adversarial process in which it won't use its subpoena powers, well, then one wonders why it exists,” said Prof. Attaran.

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