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Mandatory First Year Program

CML 1106             Dispute Resolution and Professional Responsibility (English)
CML 1506J           Introduction a la résolution de différends

First Year Elective (English)

CML 1105G         Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Upper Year Electives

CML 2101B          Moot Court : Appellate Advocacy
CML 2320             Mediation Theory and Practice
CML 3313             Interviewing, Counselling and Negotiation
CML 3154             Trial Advocacy
CML 3248             Introductory Legal Aid Clinic Course
CML 3374A          Law and Society: Race, Racism and the Law
CML 3374B          Law and Society: Access to Health Care
CML 3374C          Law and Society: Indigenous Women: Advocacy and the Law
CML 3374D          Law and Society: Defending Battered Women on Trial
CML 3376             Professional Responsibility
CML 3449             Clinical Legal Aid II
CML 3450             Clinical Legal Aid III
CML 3776             Responsibilité professionnelle
CML 4111C          Studies in Criminal Law : Wrongful Convictions
CML 4200JB        Dispute Resolution Practicum
CML 4382B          Feminist Legal Issues

See also the Social Justice Concentration in the J.D. Program

Many of our internships and directed research projects are connected to issues of Professionalism. 

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