Legal Writing Academy

Advisory Board

Mr. Stephen Bindman
Special Advisor on Wrongful Convictions
Senior Assistant Deputy Minister's Office

Department of Justice Canada
The Hon. Louise Charron
The Hon. Thomas A. Cromwell
Supreme Court of Canada
Mr. Robert Frater
Senior General Counsel
Office of the Assistant Deputy Attorney General

Department of Justice Canada
Mr. Ed Greenspon
Vice-President, Business Development
The Toronto Star and Star Media Group
The Hon. John I. Laskin
Court of Appeal for Ontario

Ms. Susan Lightstone
Office of the Chief Justice
Ontario Court of Justice
Ms. Dahlia Lithwick
Senior Editor
Slate Magazine
The Hon. Anne L. Mactavish
Federal Court of Canada
Mr. Eugene Meehan, QC
Supreme Advocacy LLP
The Hon. David Stratas
Federal Court of Appeal
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