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Dean’s Research and Writing Fellows Program (CML 3174)

(by application)


Can Satisfy the Major Paper Requirement  

The Dean’s Research and Writing Fellows Program is a unique and challenging opportunity open to top achieving upper year students with keen writing skills.  Dean’s Fellows work with a lawyer mentor on an advanced and realistic research problem, and receive intensive writing instruction and feedback from program director, Professor Melanie Mallet.  Dean’s Fellows learn new, more efficient research skills and produce high quality written work that showcases their writing skills. Fellows teach small sections of the first year course, Principles of Legal Research, CML 1101. Contact Professor Zweibel ( or Professor Dodek ( for more information.



CML 4113 Legal Writing Academy Portfolio and Leadership Program 

(by application)

The Legal Writing Academy Portfolio and Leadership Course is open to upper year students with excellent writing and interpersonal skills who want to create a professional legal writing portfolio, sharpen their self-editing skills, and take on a leadership role by becoming writing mentors. At the end of the course, students will have four high-quality pieces of legal writing to showcase their writing skills to future employers.  Students will refine their self-editing skills and learn to provide feedback to colleagues.   Students who demonstrate outstanding writing and interpersonal skills in the course will be selected for a $500-$1,000 Writing Leaders Fellowship to act as Legal Writing Academy mentors during the academic year.   Working closely with Legal Writing Academy professors, fellows will spend up to 40 hours during the year mentoring other law students on common writing problems and providing written comments and assessments on selected writing assignments.  Contact Professor Zweibel ( or Professor Dodek ( for more information.


CML 4307 Write with Purpose: Essential Skills for Lawyers (No application required)


Eight sections offered by Professors Virginia McRae, Jackie Huston, Shelley Appleby-Ostroff, Anthony Daimsis, and Tolga Yalkin. These limited enrolment seminars will hone your writing skills through exercises, writing assignments, and drafting legal documents.   The small group format is designed for intensive feedback.  Your writing skills will soar!


CML 3155 – Legal Drafting (No application required)


Students will master the basics of legal and legislative drafting by analyzing legislative provisions and drafting and redrafting short pieces of legislation.  This course will sharpen your analytical and word crafting skills.


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