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Prizes, Honours and Awards

Over the years, members of the Faculty of Law have earned recognition for their outstanding contributions to education, the profession, legal scholarship and service to the community. Such awards from local, provincial, national and international organizations honour distinguished careers and underscore the reputation of the Faculty. The Research Office is available to assist in the preparation of nominations and supporting files when called upon to do so.
Below are listed several internal and external prizes, honours and awards that are regularly presented to outstanding candidates, usually on an annual basis. In most cases the Faculty may nominate one candidate to a particular prize, honour or award per year.
The Research Office strongly encourages all faculty members to review the criteria of specific prizes, honours and awards, and to communicate to the Vice-Dean Research or Research Facilitator at any time their personal suggestions for colleagues who would be deserving nominees.
Please be advised that the preparation of a complete and effective nomination will typically involve the work of several contributors and ordinarily requires a considerable length of time – at least six weeks in most cases.

uOttawa Prizes, Honours and Awards

Award Title



Value & Distinction

Distinguished University Professor

Senior scholars of the University in recognition of unusual scholarly achievement at the University, pre-eminence in a particular field of knowledge and a solid teaching record.

November 15

A modest fund for research will be provided to each Distinguished University Professor for the first five years of the designation.

Young Researcher of the Year

Presented annually to faculty members who have made exceptional contributions to research and the training of students at the University of Ottawa in humanities and social sciences.

December 10

$10,000 towards the remuneration of a graduate student supervised by the recipient.

Chairs in University Teaching

Underscore the University's commitment to instructional excellence by promoting innovative teaching and learning practices that will benefit the wider University community; recognizing the value of educational leadership and excellence in University Teaching; and supporting professors committed to the scholarly investigation of teaching and learning, translating to University wide transformation of instructional practices.

December 14 and March 14

Three-year non-renewable appointment and an annual fund of $15,000.

Researcher of the Year Award

Recognizes a member of teaching staff who has earned distinction for themselves and for the University as a result of the importance and exceptional characteristics of their research work.

End of 2nd week of December

Award and Public Lecture

Excellence in Education Prizes

Recognize educators of exceptional quality

March 1

$7,000 to be used for research on innovative teaching development, up to an additional $3,000 for supplementary duties associated with teaching development, as well as a plaque.

Teacher of the Year Award

Recognizes annually a member of teaching staff for outstanding contributions to university teaching.

End of 2nd week of March

An honorarium, as provided by the sponsoring organizations

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