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Selected Articles


 “Principles and Pragmatism: An Introduction”, (2014), 65 SCLR (2d) 1-29 (with Graham Mayeda)(30 pages)

“La juge Charron et le fédéralisme coopératif” (2014), 65 SCLR (2d) (with Marie-France Chartier) 189-231 (43 pages)

 “Canadian Legal Federalism Since 1982” (Spring 2013) Canadian Issues/Thèmes canadiens) 7-11 (5 pages)

 “Reform of the Supreme Court of Canada from Within: To What Extent Should the Court Weigh in regarding Constitutional Conventions” in Institute of Intergovernmental Relations, Special Series on the Federal Dimensions of Reforming the Supreme Court of Canada (January 2012) (24 pages)

 “Conventions in the Canadian Courts” (2011) U.K. Constitutional Law Group (November 4), available at (6 pages)

"Abdicating and Limiting Parliamentary Sovereignty – Reply to Goldsworthy " (2006) 17 King’s College Law Journal, pp.281-297 (18 pages)

"A Constitution Similar in Principle to that of the United Kingdom", contract research for Justice Canada (June 2006) (35 pages) 

"Sovereignty in the Twenty-First Century"(2003) 14 King’s College LawJournal, pp. 137-178 (42 pages)

"Law, Politics, the Commonwealth and theConstitution: Remembering R.T.E. Latham, 1909-43" (2000) 11 King’s College Law Journal, pp.153-189 (37 pages)

"Canada, Quebec,and Constitutional Amendment" (1999) 49  Universityof Toronto Law Journal, pp. 519-610 (92pages)

"Remembering R.T.E. Latham" (1999) 5 Law Report, pp. 7-9 (3 pages)

"Canada's Two Solitudes:Constitutional and International Law in Referencere Secession of Quebec" (1999) 6 International Journal on Minorityand Group Rights, pp. 63-93  (31 pages)

 "The 1982 Patriation of the CanadianConstitution: Reflections on Continuity and Change" (1994) 28 Revue juridique Thémis, pp.875-914 (40 pages)







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